Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for My Bracket link to appear on the website?

Your bracket link will appear less than 48hrs on the website after you complete the information from the 'Add A Bracket' form.  To access your individual link, go to the Student-Athlete dashboard page and view your dashboard.  When your link is ready, you will see it under the "link" column.

How can a bracket be updated or deleted?

Only the member that created the information can view it.  However if you no longer want to use the bracket generated with a particular input set, then you can request to delete the bracket on the view my brackets page. The delete button is located at the bottom of that page. 

What if I don't know the answers to some of the questions?

No worries, simply do the best you can.  There are some questions that are mandatory and if you are stuck with those then make your best guess.  Remember, do your research!!!  The more you do the more accurate your bracket will be.

Is my information secure?

Yes! Any interaction within our website is very secure (HTTPS).  We do not control security on any links that re-direct you outside of this website.  Information is only shared to your school counselor(s) and if you opt in to your high school / club / college coaches as well. 

Be a part of the solution by helping students succeed! A recent Harvard Business Review article (JANUARY 16, 2018) stated that "the college transition provides intriguing challenges and opportunities...students must navigate a host of well-defined but challenging tasks. Fail to support students on some of these tasks and many of them may succumb to summer melt, the phenomenon where students who intend to go to college fail to matriculate. At the same time, providing generic outreach to all students, risks alienating a subset of students." This is even more important for Student-Athletes as they have many more rules and tasks to consider and they have to do so at an earlier age than non-athletic students.


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