Why we do what we do...

The odds of getting an athletic scholarship are even less than getting a regular job after college. No one would ever attempt to go into the job market unprepared and expect to get a job. Yet roughly over 6 million high school student-athletes and their parents attempt to navigate the college/university athletic system each year and then wonder where they went wrong. The lack of knowledge and naiveté by both the parents and the student-athletes ultimately can have a negative effect on their sport and life aspirations. 

At Docentz, our vision is to assist student athletes towards their endeavors as they go into the recruiting process to be better informed as to what is best for them as a person. We strongly believe that the more informed the student, the better decision that they will be able to make concerning their future and where they decide to go to college. The better the match for the student-athlete, the better the experience will ultimately be for all involved.

Be a part of the solution by helping students succeed! A recent Harvard Business Review article (JANUARY 16, 2018) stated that "the college transition provides intriguing challenges and opportunities...students must navigate a host of well-defined but challenging tasks. Fail to support students on some of these tasks and many of them may succumb to summer melt, the phenomenon where students who intend to go to college fail to matriculate. At the same time, providing generic outreach to all students, risks alienating a subset of students." This is even more important for Student-Athletes as they have many more rules and tasks to consider and they have to do so at an earlier age than non-athletic students.


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